WE travel to ARUBA


We continue to travel around our planet and make it known to you on your next trip. This time, we traveled to the top of the americas and landed in Aruba.

In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Venezuela, lies the island of Aruba. Discovered in 1499 by Spanish navigators, Aruba was sold to the Dutch in 1636, becoming to this day an autonomous region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

With sunny weather year round and very low rainfall, this island is a paradise for bathing holiday lovers all year round, with idyllic beaches for all tastes; the northwest is a sanctuary for lovers of diving and snorkling.

To the south of the island you will find the ideal beaches for those who like to swim and in the southwest the best places for those who want to enjoy waves. But Aruba does not only live on its beaches: the capital, Oranjestad charms with its wooden houses of various colors and the Arikok National Park takes the tourist to know a plethora of exotic flora and fauna, with the biggest attraction, a natural sculptured bridge erosion.

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